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Alain Rouveure

Todenham, Near Moreton-in-Marsh
Gloucestershire, GL56 9NU, England

telephone: 01608 650418
email: alain@alainrouveure.com

Alain Rouveure

Alain Rouveure Foundation

The Alain Rouveure Foundation,
as baptised by the weavers, provides
financial and practical help for the Tibetan
and Nepalese workers who manufacture
his rugs.

Children of the Foundation

Alain favours the appointment of single
mothers who are often ostracised by their community and/or separated from their partners, leaving them and their children in vulnerable positions.

Also very important to Alain is his personal funding and commitment to educating
some children in Nepal.

The kindergarten / school, a gift from Alain
for their commitment to him, is run by one
lady teacher and two assistants/nannies. There, the children are fed, entertained
and provided with education while their
parents work undisturbed only a few
yards away.

Some free medical attention is provided for
all and the qualified teacher offers guidance
on health matters and family planning.

supporting single mothers and their children

Although the children were quite happy
when left to their own devices or creating
havoc in the workshop, they are now
more focused and eager to have their time structured during which they can play
as well as learn.

Alain feels that this personal connection
is both easier to maintain and far more rewarding for the people involved than
national support.

The Foundation incurs minimal costs so
that 100% of its funds are utilised wisely
and fairly. Alain personally monitors its progress during his visits to Nepal.

The Foundation is almost entirely privately funded by Alain, although any financial contributions, large or small, are always gratefully received and put to good use.

Alain Rouveure

Alain Rouveure in the Himalayas

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During twice yearly visits to
the Himalayas, Alain Rouveure collects works from craftsmen
he admires, and sells them worldwide at exhibitions, his "Tibetan Rugs in Exile" lectures and from his Galleries in the Cotswolds. Most items on sale, especially his Tibetan rugs,
are commissioned by him.

Alain believes that business does not have to be driven by
profits at all costs. New or old, each item in his Galleries
is unique and has been selected for its quality, its obvious
visual appeal and the ethical nature of its production
and provenance...

...no child labour
no harmful chemicals
minimal impact on a fragile environment
no looting of temples in search of antiques...

In 1977, having worked a trained graphic and interior
designer / consultant in both his his native France
and England, Alain settled in the UK.

Abandoning the rat race, he then travelled extensively across
the Indian subcontinent during 1979 / 80, studying
textiles and designs.

Whilst trekking in Nepal, he became absorbed in the different
cultures of the Himalayas. He met and befriended a family of
Tibetan refugees, staying with them for several months to learn
about their vegetable dyeing and rug making techniques.

Trade better than Aid

Alain returned home determined to promote their rich and
little known traditions and extraordinary skills by
commissioning works of high quality and great integrity and
selling them across the world.

His principal interest is in the small community of Tibetan
craftsmen and craftswomen he has been sponsoring since 1979.

The kindergarten - a gift from Alain Rouveure

Most of these people are exiles living in Nepal, a result of
China forcibly and illegally occupying Tibet since the 1950's.

With his help and support, they are able to continue producing
traditional Tibetan rugs with materials and methods
established over more than 1,000 years.

He supports RUGMARK against child labour and his Tibetan
and Nepalese suppliers are members of the International Trademark
for Child Labour Free Carpets.

Through his commissioning of very high quality works from
craftsmen and craftswomen, and through his lectures all over
Europe, Alain Rouveure aims to ensure that the
Tibetan and Himalayan traditional arts and crafts can not only
continue there, but also be appreciated here.

Although increasing interest in Britain and the West has helped to
resist the immediate threat to these tiny traditional industries,
it is very possible that these unique art forms could be lost for ever.
The combination of centuries-old designs and expert
loving craftsmanship produces works of art which crave our
attention for their very survival.

expert & loving craftsmanship

©Alain Rouveure 2005

Recognition for Alain Rouveure

Alain Rouveure has received
impressive media attention and
has been the subject of several magazine and newspaper articles
and television programmes.

on location for the documentary

In 1999 a half-hour documentary
was filmed on location in Nepal,
London and at his Gloucestershire Galleries and appeared on ITV/Carlton.

supporting Tibetan culture

In October 2000, the
Tibet Foundation of Great Britain (Patron H H The Dalai Lama) presented Alain with the gift of a
rare "Mandala" in appreciation of
his support for Tibetan culture.

Worldaware logo

He also received a Special Commendation for the 2000 Worldaware Business Awards
for fair trading (Patron Her Majesty The Queen).

a donkey in the Himalayas

For full details about the extensive media coverage and worldwide recognition of Alain Rouveure's work, visit the Awards & Media page.

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