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18th century Buddha, Nepal

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19th century Tara, Nepal

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Alain Rouveure Figures

Tucked in the very heart of the mighty Himalayas, the
Kathmandu valley in the Kingdom of Nepal has for centuries
been home for craftsmen creating some of the finest
religious figures in that part of the world with many
valuable collections in museums today.

authentic religious figures from the Himalayas

Made for the temples and monasteries as well as
private households as far as Tibet and China,
all the
beautiful statues in Alain Rouveure’s collections are
produced following the very ancient tradition of the
“lost wax” process.

Unlike a “cast” which can generate 1000’s of the same item -
especially good for the tourist industry
because it is cost efficient
at the expense of fineness, the wax method starts by an
individual artist carving the figure out of pure bee’s wax.

This wax model will be sold to a small family-run
specialist foundry workshop.

Prices for such wax works very much depend on their age and
the ability and talent of the artist in giving life and ideal proportions
to the figure chosen.

Some will reach four-figure sums…

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About our figures

In the lost wax process, fine clay
is carefully packed around the wax, slowly left to dry and then baked.
Whilst still hot, the “lost” wax is
poured out from an escape hole and molten brass, copper or bronze is poured in and left to set.

A gold plated statue of

A gold plated statue of
Sakyamuni Buddha

The clay mould is then broken to
retrieve the metal figure. Patient and skilled carvers will then spend
several days chiselling, filing and burnishing the figure and giving it life again. Some statues will have
silver or 24 carat gold applied
onto them.

With the “lost wax” process
only one figure can be produced
at any one time. It is unique!

And remember...

...no child labour
no use harmful chemicals
no environmentally damaging synthetic dyes
no looting of temples...

are involved in production processes.