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Alain Rouveure Galleries - Glass

Todenham, Near Moreton-in-Marsh
Gloucestershire, GL56 9NU, England
telephone: 01608 650418
email: alain@alainrouveure.com



Hand-blown glass bead necklace
with rock crystal & amethyst

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A collection of hand-blown glasses
and vases

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Contact us on +44 (0)1608 650418
email: alain@alainrouveure.com


Alain Rouveure Glass

Alain Rouveure has always been fascinated with the process
of making glass and he now works closely on designs with the Nepalese glass artist Gopi Kande

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Glass from Nepal

Gopi's small workshop is tucked away in a small village of
the Kathmandu valley. Very much like during Roman times,
Gopi creates intricate patterns with jewel-like colours by slowly
working in and fusing cobalt, red copper, pure silver and pure gold
into the molten glass making each piece absolutely unique.
The colours of his work alter as the light of day changes.

©Alain Rouveure 2005

About our glass

At Alain Rouveure Galleries you will
find a collection of delicate glasses
and small vases, candle holders, whimsical fish, balls waiting to be
hung in front of windows or on trees
at Christmas time and a selection
that can be used as paper weights.

Set of three glass whimsical fish

Set of three glass balls

Alain has also designed a range of jewellery sporting some of Gopi's
hand-made glass beads.And remember...

...no child labour
no use harmful chemicals...

are involved in production processes.And as with all the other items
available from his galleries,
Alain prefers working with small independent producers he admires
who will work to high standards and value Fair Trade when everyboby is
able to make a real and decent profit.