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Alain Rouveure Galleries - Stationery

Todenham, Near Moreton-in-Marsh
Gloucestershire, GL56 9NU, England

telephone: 01608 650418
email: alain@alainrouveure.com



Some of our stationery

Small colourful jewellery boxes

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Scented gift boxes

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Gift boxes and a selection
of greetings cards

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Contact us on +44 (0)1608 650418
email: alain@alainrouveure.com



Alain Rouveure Papers

In the heart of the Himalayas, craftsmen from the
Kingdom of Nepal have been producing paper for over
a thousand years. No trees are cut down. Traditionally,
only the young and tall shoots from the Daphne plant are used.
A 2ft stump is left to grow on.

Called “Lokta”, this small tree growing in forests at
altitudes of 6500 - 9500ft is coppiced every 3 years,
thus protecting the fragile ecological balance
of Nepal’s forests. The process of making “Lokta” paper
is complex and labour intensive but ecologicaly sound.

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Stationery at Alain Rouveure Galleries

Alain Rouveure supports this cottage industry because
it provides hill people with an income and encourages them
to look after their forests and environment instead of
migrating to the cities.

All paper products at the Galleries are made from Lokta.
Most are designed by Alain and are exclusive to the
Galleries – unusual note books and correspondence sets,
colourful boxes for jewellery and mementos,
decorative lamp shades, gift wraps and a broad range
of greetings cards for all occasions.

The Galleries’ own stationery and carrier bags
are hand made from this fabulous paper,
thus providing a steady income for many families.

©Alain Rouveure 2005


About our stationery

The paper making process in Nepal
has not changed for over 1000 years.

First, the bark from the young shoots
of the Daphne bush is stripped with
a knife, then soaked in water for
a long period before being beaten
into soft long fibres. It is then boiled together with soda and continually stirred to produce the paper pulp.

Papers drying in the sun

When it is finally ready, small
amounts of liquid pulp will be
poured into trays that are lined with
a fine mesh. When most of the water
has drained through, flower petals
and herbs can be added to
decorate the finished product.

The trays will then be left to dry
slowly in the sun.

As with all the other items at his Galleries, no hazardous chemicals
or child labour are involved in the
paper-making process. Alain prefers working with small producers
he admires who will work to high standards and value Fair Trade
when everybody is able to make
a real and decent profit.

Alain Rouveure
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