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Alain Rouveure Galleries - Ritual Implements

Todenham, Near Moreton-in-Marsh
Gloucestershire, GL56 9NU, England
telephone: 01608 650418
email: alain@alainrouveure.com

Ritual Implements


Some Antique thigh-bone flutes & conch

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Genuine, rare singing bowls

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Alain Rouveure Ritual Implements

There are four main faiths in the Himalayas, each immensely rich
and valuable - Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Bon/Animist -
and all of them living side by side in complete harmony and
respect for the others.

Ritual Implements from the Himalayas

For years Alain Rouveure has witnessed the worshipping
by people of different backgrounds but with the same fascination:
at the homes of his friends and suppliers, in the temples and the
isolated monasteries of Nepal and Tibet, with Lamas and monks
and with "witch doctors"and faith healers.
All have their own
panoply of ritual implements and symbols and their own way
to access fulfilment and grace.

Whether new or old, the artifacts that Alain buys must fulfill
three criteria - first he must personally like it, second it has
to feel right to him and third, it has to come from or be made
by people he trusts and respects.

Snow lion - guardian of Tibet

©Alain Rouveure 2005


About our ritual implements

As with eveything else at the Galleries, Alain only buys what feels right
to him and only from people he
trusts and respects. He stays
well away from tourist centres and sources genuine artifacts from the makers of religious implements
catering for different groups.

A witch doctors drum and phurpas

A witch doctors drum and phurpas

At the galleries you will find a range
of useful and fascinating pieces,
some old and antique, others brand new. There are many different
designs of Tibetan prayer wheels
with their 108 mantras or
prayers inside, Dorje and bell sets
used by buddhist Lamas and monks, bells and drums, incense holders
and an impressive range of genuine
and old singing bowls, all carefully tested and chosen by Alain.

And remember...

...no child labour
no use harmful chemicals
no environmentally damaging synthetic dyes
no looting of temples...

are involved in production processes.