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Todenham, Near Moreton-in-Marsh
Gloucestershire, GL56 9NU, England
telephone: 01608 650418
email: alain@alainrouveure.com


Hand-woven raw silk shawls

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Hand-woven pashmina shawls & scarves

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Contact us on +44 (0)1608 650418
email: alain@alainrouveure.com


Alain Rouveure Textiles

On his twice yearly trips to the Himalayas, Alain Rouveure
commissions and collects textiles from small family workshops
producing delicate shawls and scarves in hand-woven silk,
in the purest and softest pashmina and Himalayan wools and also
in nettle fibre known as Alo, very rare and used in the eastern hills
of the kingdom of Nepal.

the Himalayan textiles collection at Alain Rouveure Galleries

A wide range of all these is always available from his
Cotswolds galleries. As for his jewellery and artifacts, Alain
prefers working with small producers he admires who will work to
high standards and value Fair Trade when everyboby is able to
make a real and decent profit.

textiles from family workshops

©Alain Rouveure 2005


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Even before his days at Art College
in France, Alain collected old textiles. Since 1979 he has built up a very impressive collection of antique
textiles from the Himalayan
regions of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.


Lady on a back-strap loom in Dolpa

The collection includes nomads'
blankets, warriors' sashes and belts, dresses from the wealthy wives of aristocrats and merchands from
Tibet and Bhutan, witch-doctors'
tunics and dresses to name but a few. An appointment is necessary to
view part of this collection

And, as with all the items in our Galleries...

...no child labour
no use harmful chemicals
no environmentally damaging synthetic dyes
no looting of temples...

are involved in production processes.